Read the latest ‘Capital Corner’ newsletter Sandy sends weekly when the Legislature is in session. There will include current status of bills or actions that impact her District #63 constituents and all Iowans. You’ll see photos of government events and photos of friends who stop by the Iowa House of Representatives. 

What Sandy Believes in and Will Work for

Economic Conservatism and Fiscal Responsibility
Create jobs by establishing a favorable climate for economic growth and opportunity through limited government by:
  • Cut taxes – so businesses will want to expand and jobs will be created and to help families and those on fixed incomes keep more of their own hard-earned money – supported property tax reform and the flat tax option for Iowa income tax and the Home Base Iowa Act to exempt veterans’ military pensions from state income tax 
  • Balance the budget – live responsibly like we in our households have to do – spend no more than we take in 
  • Cut regulation – maintain liberty and allow business owners and farmers to expand and create jobs
  • Rein in spending – let future generations be debt-free – let’s not depend so much on government – don’t use one-time use funds for ongoing expenses 
  • Uphold Right to Work – no worker should be forced to join a union or pay their dues 
  • Greater local control of schools – decentralize it - let parents, school boards, teachers, and administrators, handle it – they are capable – let’s support them – unhook Iowa from the Common Core system of control over our schools 
  • Cut regulations – keep freedom and stop strangling school districts and school teachers – let the teachers teach – cut the paperwork
  • Increase educational opportunities and innovations by expanding educational choices 
  • Promote parental involvement – shift more responsibility back on the parents where it belongs 
  • Defend the right to life for the unborn child
  • Support a Human Life amendment for the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions/Life-at-Conception bill – supported banning abortion by telemedicine
  • Supported a ban on the sale of aborted baby body parts
  • No public funding for abortion or those who commit abortion

 Pro-Traditional Marriage
  • Only marriage between one man and one woman should be valid or recognized in the U.S. or in Iowa
  • Supported letting the people vote on the Iowa Marriage Amendment 
 2nd Amendment Rights
  • The people’s right to keep and bear arms is not to be infringed
  • Expand liberty of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves – supported a “2nd Amendment” to the Iowa Constitution/Stand Your Ground/Constitutional Carry bills 
Religious Liberty
  • Protect and reinforce the people’s 1st Amendment right to “free exercise” in matters of religious faith 
  • Lifeblood of Iowa’s economy – let’s support it – get government out of the way
  • On the federal level, everyone “participates” in cut backs, not just farmers   

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