• Pro-life

  • Economic Growth

  • Constitutional conservative

  • Fiscal conservative

  • Veteran

  • Iowa Farm Girl

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At the heart of every person are things they care deeply about. Those issues can need support, funding, or enforcement from the State government. Learn about the issues Rep. Salmon supports.


There are dozens of ways to participate in your government. Rep. Salmon keeps a very active schedule, available to the people she represents in District #63. Connect with Sandy at these events.
Sandy is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves God, her family, her state, and her country! She is pro-life, pro-family, and a constitutional and fiscal conservative.  Read more >
Rep. Salmon carries a vision for the future of Iowa and our nation where liberty is abundant, government is limited, economic opportunity is plentiful, families are strong, God-given rights are defended, the Constitution and the rule of law are respected, and the dignity and worth of each person are valued and honored. She believes individuals, families, businesses, and educational enterprises should have the opportunity to create, innovate, produce, work hard, take responsibility, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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