State Representative Sandy Salmon

MomUse.jpgHello! My name is Sandy Salmon and I want to welcome you to my website!

I am a wife and mother who loves God, my family, my state, and my country! I am a pro-life, pro-family, constitutional and fiscal conservative.

I carry in my heart a vision for the future of my state and nation. It is one where liberty is abundant, government is limited, families are strong, economic opportunity is plentiful, God-given rights are defended, and the Constitution and the rule of law are respected.  The dignity and worth of each person are valued and honored. People have the opportunity to create, innovate, produce, work hard, take responsibility, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. This applies to family, business, and educational enterprises.

But I know we need more big changes in state government. We need to do what’s right and what’s best for Iowa in the long run. That’s why I believe we need to put conservative ideas to work.

I need your input. Click on Issues and see my thoughts. And then click and let me hear yours.

I would appreciate your vote in the 2014 election on November 4th! Now we can take our ideas to the Iowa State House! I am honored to represent you!

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